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2007 Nominees Announced!

It's finally time! Voting is now open for the Stargate Fan Awards. You can vote for your favorites until the deadline, March 3, 2008, at 2007 Nominees .

Yes, we're a little – okay, a lot – behind schedule, but we think the delay is worth it and we believe you'll appreciate the final product, too.

As in the past, anyone can view the nominated works, however, in order to vote, you must create an account and log in. You can register for an account at Register to Vote Here.

NOTE: You may already have an account on our main site if you nominated works or have created an account there. Unfortunately, you MUST create a new account on our voting site. Only this year's nominees have current accounts and they can log in using their existing account information. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope to fix this issue before the next awards' year.

Your account will keep track of your votes. You may log in at any time to see in what categories and for whom you have voted. Not only that but, should you change your mind, you can modify your votes as many times as you wish up until the closing date of March 3, 2008.

Please rest assured that we will not divulge your email address to anyone. We adhere to a strict privacy policy.

For nominees, we have a special icon that you can place next to your nominated work(s) on any website to let folks know that you are nominated for an award. We will have these icons available within the next few days. Please check back on this page. We'll let you know when we post these icons.

This year, we have nearly 2400 nominations, embracing the SG-1 and Atlantis fandoms and encompassing both fan fiction and multimedia. So, if you're ready to settle down to read fan fiction, view fan art, or sit back and watch fan music videos, then head on over to 2007 Nominees.

We wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you for your ongoing patience and support. As always, it's been quite a learning curve for all of the team.

Best of luck to the nominees and happy voting!

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