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Thursday 10 May 2007

Registration Issues!

For those still having registration issues:

All registration confirmation emails and new password emails are fully automated. You should receive those very quickly (say within the hour or so depending on your ISP). If you don't, please -email- and we'll look into it.
Don't just keep re-registering. Email us if you register once and fail so we can look into the matter for you.

If you don't confirm your registration within 24 hours it gets wiped out (this is anti-bot stuff - it's amazing how much stuff drifts in from who knows where). This also means, of course, that the email address you give us has to be a valid one that you actually check from time to time (ran into that one on the day job - "Oh, is that why you need my email address?" *headdesk*).

AOL Users
If you're on AOL, or another ISP that uses proxy servers, we have to set accounts up by hand. Email your request to -email-.

Yahoo Users
Yahoo seems to be having some problems of late, too. If you've tried to register with a yahoo account and not gotten your confirmation email, it could be that yahoo's deferred delivery for some arcane reason and then your registration will be wiped out at the 24 hour limit but before yahoo deigns to deliver the message to you. *sigh* Check your quota *just* in case that's why yahoo's being pissy. I doubt it's anything a mere mortal can fix, but it's worth checking.

Spam Filters
If you have a spam
filter, you must make sure your spam filter knows
www.stargatefanawards.com is *not* spam. Note that if your spam filter
requires someone to reply to a confirmation email in order to be
identified as 'not spam' our automated system can't do that (which is,
of course, the point of the spam filter). You'll need to 'teach' your
spam filter to accept mail from the site.

If you've tried to either create an account or reset a password and have been unsuccessful, please web@stargatefanawards.com and tell us your tale of woe. Please include whatever account name you created as well.

We want you to be able to nominate and vote just as much as you want to!

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