Placing Nominations - Steps and Reminders

Team, 03-17-2007

Placing Nominations
  1. The Awards Team cross checks nominations for eligibility and removes entries that don't meet the requirements.

  2. After nominations close, the Awards Team contacts each author/artist by email for URL validation and awards category placement. Each author/artist will receive a username and password so they can access all of their nominations. The author/artist will only be able to view his/her own nominations. The author/artist will need to check that their URL is correct and linked to the specific nomination - not an index page. Each author/artist can have no more than 10 nominations total in the Awards. Pieces produced by multiple authors or aritsts will be treated as a separate entity and do not count towards an individual's maximum of 10.

  3. The author/artist must confirm their desire to participate in the awards by placing their nominations into the correct categories and sub-categories based on the category definitions. Failure to respond within the time frame allowed will result in forfeiting their nominations.

  4. The Awards Team reviews all valid, author/artist confirmed nominations to ensure correct placement. Generally, the author/artist placement will stand unless there is disagreement about the work's genre. The team has the final say on placement.

  5. The Awards Team determines the final subcategories for each category based on the number of entries within that category. Some combining of subcategories may be required if the minimum number of entries (5) isn't reached.

  6. The Awards Team determines if any warnings are necessary for each entry based on the ratings or content (non-con).

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